Mold in attic

I know there is mold in this attic. But can someone help me out? Is the plywood covered with mold? Can someone tell me what this stuff is? Is it a retardant applied to the plywood? Any help would be welcome. This is a single family, 25-30 year old house. Ridge vent and soffit vents, no gable venting. The ridge vent was installed when new roof was put on, 3-6 years old. Some of the sheeting has been replaced and looks like roof vents were removed also.






The third picture looks like mold growth to me, and the last two pics seems to have some mold on the rafters. I do not know what is peeling off the sheeting, kinda hard to tell. Would have to be there to be for sure. Most of your attic molds when tested are not considered toxic. If you are not sure just write it up as possible mold.

Can you quote a source that delineates molds as to which are toxic?

AIHA, MICRO, ESA, EMSL, ESA. AmIAQA. IAQA, IESO and so on and so on.
Also I do not call any mold toxic, it should be called “considered toxic”. This will keep you out of court because of some lawyer and an industrial hygienist such as Mr. Connell feels they can make a quick buck from suing an inspector, or you lose the case for your client who has been severely hurt by mold.