Mold in crawl space

This is from my inspection on Thursday. It was in a crawl space and the washer was leaking causing the frame and insulation to get wet, on top of that the dryer vent was disconnected and blowing hot air on the wet area.

This crawl space is exposed to the outside somewhat but I couldn’t believe that mold was actually growing in these cold temps.

Mold in crawl space (Small).jpg

Nice, don’t you just love it.
It will grow in sub zero if you have a dryer vent open like that, and moisture sweet.

How was the structure?

Looks like a vapor barrior installed incorrectly, creating a green, ah, a mold house. :wink:


Structure looked OK but not framed properly to support living space and I pulled the plastic vapor barrier down to see how wet it was and that’s when I found the mold.

Deal-Killer! :stuck_out_tongue: