mold or mould

So I am in Canada and there are different uses and spellings. Of course we Canadians are usually right but that being said what is the consensus from both sides of the border. I used mould originally on my site and had folks telling me it should be mold. I am seeing a lot of Canadian sites listing it as mould. My American born brain is starting to hurt.

usa mold
outside usa mould

in usa moulding is correct for trim/millwork

My license tag is correct!

Microbial Growth - US and Canada

I work for the railroad and I see Canadien National cars and Canadian National cars. Is there a “right” way?

Yea, and your country can’t figure which language to use…

Just write it in French! “moisissure”

Well guys that was very helpful. Now my brain really hurts. I do like microbial growth but most people do not know what that is. The Canadien Nationel and Canadian National are because some of the Locomotives are repaired in Quebec and some are repaired here in Winnipeg. It confuses us as well. What ever you folks do south of us try to keep it one official language. That was one of the benefits I had of working in the aircraft business before being forcibly retired, all the main communication around the world is english.

Looking at the dictionaries and a few other places I think for now I am going to stick with Mold. Sometimes you just have to dance with the girl you brung to the party.

In all good humour, we could belabour this issue until we run out of dialogue. “Mold” is my favourite spelling and so that’s how our courses are labelled. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, what I use!!

Mould is the scientific term, and of course Canadians do things differently such as using a sledgehammer to perform a home inspection.

Lol I like that.

lol, neither can ours, David.

Ever try calling tech support for your computer?

Try asking for directions in Miami! :neutral:

Here in Canada we have to use a sledgehammer. That is to try to break through the 6 inches of rock hard ice and snow that blankets our country 6 months out of the year.

And we all know Nick is seldom wrong:mrgreen:

Which version used depends on colour of font.

No wonder Wilson moved to Tennessee.:wink: