mold poisoning (posted by Ryan)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Ryan (from San Diego, CA). [/ASKNACHI]In your professional opinion, can you acquire the hazardous affect of mold exposure over 7 months? I work in a highly contaminated area about 9-hours a day / 5-days a week. Our store has a lot of mold in the carpets and in the air due to a flood back in 2005. I have been having a lot of respiratory problems and sinus infections over the past few months an am worried about my health. Could I possibly be putting myself at long term risk?

What’s the likelyhood of me bringing it home to my 18-month old son. Seems like he is developing severe asthma.

Consult a medical professional immediately that specializes in mold/allergies and asthma.

This is nothing to fool around asking inspectors about.

Sorry if this seems harsh or blunt but yours and families health is beyond our help or better advisement, in my opinion.

Why would anyone (in their right state of mind) be working in a store that has Mold build-up?

I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that anyone would comtinue to work in a Mold environment without even considering to have it cleaned up or tested to determine if it is actually Mold.

There’s something wrong here…

This post is a joke.,…

If you feel your health is at risk, and fear loosing your job by reporting it to management, most states have a health and safety or labor and industry department that takes anonymous reports of hazards in the work place, by all means TAKE ACTION, presume its toxic until proved otherwise, not only for your health but for the health of your fellow workers as well. Good luck.