The place was alive with mold and now I'm sick.

I did and inspect on Monday and last night and all day today I’ve ran a fever and have a tremendous sore throat and my lungs hurt
I wore my respirator in the crawl , but that was the least of it all.
Here is a few pics. The walls pegged my moisture meter out.
Everything inside was covered with mold. The walls and carpet were wet.
The entire place was alive.
I guess I’ll be headed to the Doc for a Z pack .
My wife is pissed at me for not wearing it inside.
I’ve learned my lesson.

Welcome to the club.
Spent most of September deaf and in bed .

I’m really messed up Bob.
I may have to go to the walk in clinic tonight.
MY wife is pissed at me.
What’s in that crap that does a person like this?
It feels like I’ve got pneumonia . My wife who is a nurse at U of F for 25 years say’s I most likely do.
I’m waiting for her to get home , I can’t take myself.
Just checked my temp it is 101.
Crap ! Damnit !

Symptoms of mold exposure can include
Nasal and sinus congestion, runny nose
Eye irritation, such as itchy, red, watery eyes
Respiratory problems, such as wheezing and difficulty breathing, chest tightness
Throat irritation
Sneezing / Sneezing fits
I have all of these and to top it off I have asthma.
I’m screwed.

Go get some antibiotics.
I was put on ciprofloxacin plus drops for my ears (one was bleeding)

I’m waiting on my wife to get home from work , besides all the other symptoms I feel like every breath takes extreme effort.
My inhaler ain’t doing crap.
I’m headed to the bed.

My Son has allergies to Mold and Mildew, you have the same symtoms.

Get treated before it gets out of hand.

Get well soon.

PPE next time for your own good. :slight_smile:

Get yourself better Roy. I’m guessing the wife’s disappointment is a worse punishment than the reaction.:slight_smile: Thanks for the reminder, especially to inspectors with sensitivities due to asthma or allergies, that PPE is a health preserver.

Damn Roy, sorry to hear about this!

I don’t come across much mold but if I do I’ll be sure not to linger, I’ll just defer to the
Mold guy!

It does not take much time.
I was just doing a foundation sub-out.

The other thing to remember is the health of the clients. If you notice mold it’s best to
Have everyone leave the area ASAP.

Where can you send them? The spore count might be higher outside. :shock:

Here is something to remember also…

Assuming you have spent any amount of time in the affected home/structure, your clothing will have been saturated with mold spores also. Taking off your respirator before removing your clothing will only cause you to breath in the spores that become airborne from removing your clothing.

Exit the premises immediately if not wearing complete PPE.
Always have a spare change of clothes with you.
Proper Hazmat protection is always advised.
Shower asap following the inspection.
If symptoms occur, go to the ER. Don’t mess around with clinics. Your life could depend on it!

Jeff is correct.

Stay away from mold.

Your health is more important.

Ah guys it is not just mold that made him sick. Thing is Marcel is correct seeing the first picture and I would be in my mask ASAP.

What?!? If you see any mold you and your clients should leave the house immediately and all strip naked in the yard to get away from the spores.

Don’t be an idiot! I would put on my mask. No my Clients would not be in a House that has that level of mold.

You might need to invest in a supplied-air respirator. Be safe.

Roy, it sounds like you have a typical flue.
mine just ran its course.
30 days from end to end.

I mentioned to Nick that I did not want to do the required clean air cert, that I am highly sensitive to mold.
I exhibit signs of pustules in ear pathways, under my eyelids and secrete fluids form facial orifices with a halh mask.
Now I ware full suit and mask. .
I wear a full face mask with full full PPE. I have no exposed skin except for the little on my wrists.
It have reduced the infections by 95 percent.

Best to you and yours buddy.
get well. Everything will pass. The bird flue is making its rounds this year.

Try not to ever take antibiotics. Reserve them for when you really need them. Last week we had a member we all know and love who got a foot infection and had to have his foot amputated a few days ago.

When my kids were little and sick with a cold, I would share their silverware to build up my immune system.