Mold pump calibration service.

or you can buy a brand new guage for your pump from Dwyer with certiciate of calibration for $65.00. You might want to renegotiate the calibration fee with Prolab, Nick. Thanks anyway.

Or you can have the lab you use calibrate it for free…like mine did last week. I could never trust my pump being shipped across the country and coming back unaffected and completely calibrated.

I keep an extra secondary calibrator on hand for those times when I need to get the primary one calibrated. I guess I’m fortunate to have a laboratory close enough to get things back and forth myself so I don’t know about the shipping problems, but I’d imagine that if it is a responsible and reputable lab that they’d have some measure of protection from shipping ignorances in the way they package things? Have you guys had some bad experiences with shipping of products and calibration?

Please send the site to order the gauge (Dwyer with certificate of calibration for $65.00). Why pay Pro-Lab $100.00 if you can do the same for $65.00. Smart idea…


Jason, I have a 15 minute drive to EMLab. Very nice benefit, I agree. I would just never risk shipping when I have them so close. And like I mentioned earlier, anytime I stop by they can calibrate my pump free of charge.

I agree. I found that my laboratory is very helpful in keeping things running smoothly. (I guess they want to keep me happy and coming back.) They also do it for free.

I called them up directly and they matched mine up because it was under a different brand name.

Prolab is also the same company who told me to find mold in toilet tanks and scare the buyers into sampling. “You will always see growth in the tank, can’t miss”. Way to teach.:roll: All part of the evil empire that is mold sampling/inspecting. I wonder if they still endorse the Micro 5?

You can generaly find someone in your local area to offer calibration of gauges and flow meters. I got this among others googleing “flowmeter calibration phoenix”.


Emlab at 19 ave and Deer Valley will do it for me at no charge, but I’m a client of theirs.