Mold Remediation

Does anyone in here do mold remediation? Anyone have any good info on mold remediation?

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Buy yourself a copy of IICRC S520, second edition.
Do not remediate according to the EPA. The EPA does not even follow their own guidelines when it comes to remediating their own buildings.

I have AMRT certification from the IICRC. (mold and sewage cleanup:) I work for a restoration company, although was just laid off. As part of a home/mold inspection business I would not do remediation though.
And yes, the S520 is the book.

How do you know that?

The EPA states air testing is not necessary after mold is cleaned up. In June of 2006, according to a trade magazine, the EPA building in D.C. was flooded. Guess what, they had air clearance testing performed before this area of the building was reoccupied.

Having dealt with several of the Federal employees unions in the DC area as part of my gov career, I can understand exactly why those samples were taken. Sometimes, playing for the crowd is more important than playing to win.

May be true ,but I would still go by what they say for any legal question to fall back on.

Like Pops always said.“Do what I say,Not what I do”:shock:

Legally, it is always better to go by the toughest national standard and S520 is it.

Eric, what is it that you want to know about mold remediation? As a restoration/remediation contractor for over 25 years I might be able to answer your questions.


Where do I start with this one? Should I do sampling?:shock:




NO…too funny. What do you need to know? That mold is present? It seems silly to waste someones money on testing and would just have them do a total restoration process according to IICRC S520. I don’t think (Is there mold) is a question here. Just my 2 cents.

Remediation bid was submitted. I’ll post pics of remediation.

It does not need a bid but rather a bull dozer.

The bid was accepted and work will start soon. It would cost more to bulldoze (approx.$8k) than to do the remediation.

WOW! Even though it is obvious, as the remediation contractor I would still have pre & post sampling done. Need the paperwork to cover ones *****.


In my area, $8,000 would not begin to cover a proper remediation in a mess like that.

$8,000?..what does that cover? Thats NOTHING! That looked like a $40k JOB HERE…

Proper remediation. Contractor carries $1mil. environmental insurance.

Sweet deal then…Do you do the clearnace inspection and testing?