Mold Remediation in missouri

Does anyone know if there is licensing for mold remediation in missouri?

I don’t think so. My mold guy is “licensed” but that’s for Il.

No licensing for mold remediators. It is a good idea that they are certified and follow the ANSI/IICRC S520, Second Edition. Also check with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s office for complaints. They also need to be EPA lead renovation contractors on homes older than 1978, unless the home has already been tested for lead and came up negative.
Most remediators do not remove mold correctly. Sad but true.

Call Jim at Springfield Indoor Air Quality and tell him I sent you. Ask him for some mold remediators’ references. Monty is the best that I have seen in your area. I cannot remember the company he works for, though.


Any good contacts for the St. Louis area?

So far I have not found anybody descent in the St. Louis area. I am sure there are some good remediators and assessors up in that area but have not found none yet. I have read several reports from St. Louis Industrial Hygienist, most pretty much scared me. It is obvious they do not know much about mold. The last job near St. Louis I sent to Mark’s mold man.

Also I was going to advise you to stay away from this real estate broker, but it looks like it will be another three years until you have to worry about him, Billy. The sad part is after he spends his time in prison, he will probably be welcomed back by his fellow Realtors. Sad but true.

Licensing of real estate agents and brokers would have stop that!

Wait, the real estate industry is licensed. Never mind. Licensing solves nothing!

This is abit off subject but where can I find training for the new renovation and remodeling lead law. I tried EPA and most classes are tied in with unions and they don’t train non union.

EPA just extended when the law is going to take affect. It will be the beginning of the year until we will have to even deal with it. EPA has schools listed on their websites, so I would call those schools first. Hopefully by then NACHI’s lead course gets approved by the EPA. If you cannot find a class, I can ask the mold remediation company that hosted a class that I took for the instructor’s contact info.

Which part of the state are you in?

I’m in the south west.

Oh, you are down by Bushart. Is there a lot of used house salemen in your area?
If you every get up by the state capitol, give me a call. We will have lunch or something?

I haven’t heard from Bushart in a while. Yea, I’m a stones throw from the so called “Music capital”. I feel that “Used house salesman” is way too kind of a tag from my point of view, and Yes, we are still up to our arm pits with them although it has thinned a bit.

I don’t find myself in Jeff. City near enough but if you P.M. me your number I will surely ring you. Lunch sound like a great idea.

My phone number 573-761-3581.