Mold Removal products

Does anyone know what the best ways for a customer to remove mold himself without going to a mold removal company/expense. And do you know of any mold removal products on the market that really work?

oh boy!

I wouldn’t go there. :slight_smile:

I told him to seek professional help but he wants to do it himself.

I would highly reccommend that you send them to this link.
The info can also be downloaded in a PDF document.

Mr. Larson. Thanks for the link. Very informative and I can forward this to my client. Thx. :smiley:

Try also

I could not agree more. You do not what type of mold it is or if any of the family have allergies that could affected by it. Just tell them they have to get rid of it, repair the problem that caused the mold in the first place and walk away.

ok I get red square for this post. Why? Again the coward does not give a name

Give me three too! :slight_smile:

It would be best to call me tomorrow. I’m an environmental specializing in MOLD and AIR Quality. I can give you several products. Jim 302-245-6893. Delaware

Here is a name

I still agree it is not a job for a homeowner to tackle.

I have used the product and had good results but based ONLY on appearance.

You replied to a seven year old string ???

Funny stuff I did not notice as I only replied to him :slight_smile:

It does not appear he participates much here :slight_smile:

I stand by my suggestion :slight_smile:

Home inspectors are expected to see all and miss nothing .

I miss many UNIMPORTANT things in the real world :slight_smile:

We all do I see on another string an unimportant thing was not written up and the homie did the right thing and paid $175;00 .

Some unimportant things can cost a lot more .
As my son said
Talk soft miss nothing and write hard .