Mold report, can you spot it is a fraud...

This is the actual mold lab results sent to me from a Realtor with all the identifying information removed.

Here is the back ground - This is a Florida mold remediation company who gave the client their post mold test results as a clearance report. Within a very short time I could tell it was doctored and not the “real” results.

Can you count the number of discepencies and I did find out the guy used a PDF program to alter the report. Can you see it?

No fault of Pro Lab at all…they sent the correct report as they received it.

My report came back with 56,000 Pen/Asp spores and theirs was relatively clean…this is how all this came about. A lawyer called me in and I am sure it will go further.

Just a little test and see if we agree on the items…

no bites?

I see incorrect dates; how can they report the results the day before they received the sample.

No COC not worth anything!

First, Z-25 are designed for preliminary testing only, per manufacturer

Also there is fiberglass in the control sample, which indicates the sample was taken too close to the building or down wind from a building. Also the controls would not be the same if taken on different days.

Another thing, is the Asp/Pen is too high on the controls and should have been rejected for a clearance sample. 920 Asp/Pen is too high in the Guest Area on a clearance, no matter what the outside count was. Also I have a hard time believing there was only Asp/Pen in the Guest Area when the count was 920, because Asp/Pen
has other molds that hang around it. I have never seen it as a loner, not at a high count anyway.

The biggest mystery is Zygosporium. I have understood that under a microscope, nobody can tell what a Zygosporium spore is when collected with an air trap. Especially not under a 40 detection limit.

The bad dating on the reports is comical.

Also, Russ, do you have a lot of mushrooms (Ganoderma) outside in your area. I have only seen them on inside samples in Missouri and not very often.

I do not think there is anything that requires a COC to be attached with a report. It is suppose to be asked for, later, if need be.

It is like attaching your training certificates, unless it is required by your state.

Also, Russ, the IICRC S520, Second Edition requires involvement of an Indoor Environmental Professional to be involved in the process. This remediator should not have even started the job without one. Sounds like this remediator is toast.

Perfect 100%…at least that is how I see it. The first thing I noticed right away was the date on the one cover page and that the control samples were identical for different days…and of course the Z5 and that was only about 30 seconds into it…

James…your mold knowledge is AWESOME and thats why I recommended you to my girlfriends grandparents…

Florida law he it TOTALLY screwed…you cannot give a clearance test on your own job! Well you can…its just illegal…

I didn’t even bother to blow it up after I saw no address and no 10 digit #
No info as to the Company ect.