mold sampling pump for sale

took the course and got the equipment but decided not to do testing.

wall sample tubes

Pump is new never used. Asking $250.


Hell- I think we are all disappointed in pro-lab…big marketing scheme for NACHI members, and now they are selling products in Lowes to everyone. Feel like I have been duped!

hey Bruce i just sent you an email


What makes you think that Bruce is disappointed with Pro-Lab?
And what products are they selling at Lowe’s?
And finally why are you disappointed or feel like you have been “Duped” Just curious.

Mold is like STD’s

One just lives with it

Sometimes it will hurt you but very seldom does one test before getting involved



    Pro lab has a huge display of do it yourself testing kits for the public for $19.99. I saw them and my jaw dropped. I haven't really been marketing myself like I should and I did enjoy the training and learned a lot of valuable info. Just feel like I have been jabbed a little in the back when the DIY kits hit Lowes.

Would you buy an STD’s testing arrangement from prolab?



Check this out!!

50,000 retail outlets recommend that consumers contact their local NACHI inspector exclusively.

NACHI is pleased to announce that PRO-LAB®, the leading provider of environmental laboratory testing services in the world has re-packaged all of their millions of retail kits to include a recommendation to contact solely NACHI members for further professional inspections and testing. Each package contains links to

PRO-LAB consumer home safety test kits can be found in over 50,000 retail stores such as:

  • ACE Hardware
  • Avon
  • Chase-Pitkin
  • CVS/Pharmacy
  • Distribution America
  • Do it Best
  • Fred Meyer
  • Giant, H-E-B
  • The Home Depot
  • Kroger, Lowes
  • Menards
  • True Value
    On the back of each kit is the recommendation that consumers with environmental issues visit and contact their neighborhood NACHI inspector.

This is a NACHI-exclusive deal.

For more information about PRO

The front of the package is as far as I got. I guess I shouldn’t “jump” to conclusions until I know for sure. Then again, I ask you this…Mr. or Mrs. buys this from Lowe’s or where ever and calls me, you, another NACHI member for pricing. You give your price, and they look at the kit that they just bought and guess what…they will do it themselves. It all comes down to cost for most people…esp. for the ones that don’t know any better. Just my thoughts on the subject.


In my opinion the exposure of Mold, Radon, Asbestos and water quality testing [sampling] is priceless. If this do it yourself testing package is on the shelf it will get people thinking about IAQ and solutions.
Pro-Lab is a Corp. that is doing whatever it has to in order to make money and I understand their position as I’m sure you do. I have to tell you as a Pro-Lab customer I’m very satisfied and customer service is second to none. To top it all Pro-Lab has donated 100K to NACHI-TV, NACHI is listed on Pro-Labs website,they have given us Free Mold courses and are a major sponsor of our convention. This is more than enough reason for me and others to support this generous org.

I make $150-$300 a week doing mold sampling and spend less than 15 minutes per visit. $150 per visit= EASY MONEY :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Good for you!!

Nobody said it has to be hard. You are using your knowledge of Mold and sampling techniques.

IMO you should be making more money. You should be charging $150 min. just for the consultation and $150.00 per sample [min. one sample]. You have now doubled your weekly income [if you follow my suggestion]. No-Charge for the advice:p