pro lab is in competition with you.

Pro lab will soon if not already be selling do it yourself mold test kits at wal mart. We all know that they are a joke and a waste of money. I called pro lab and told them when my supplies where out I would be using another lab.Which I probably should have done anyway. You all may want to do the same.

They have been selling those kits for years at Home Depot.


Like Greg said they are allready available.

You obviously do mold inspections. I would not worry about this Richard there is plenty of mold to go around!:smiley:


I’d much rather have PRO-LAB’s kits which recommend NACHI members exclusively in 50,000 retail outlets than a lab that recommends some other association. No?


Why would you switch to a lab that DOESN’T recommend NACHI members exclusively?

When the people led by those test kits, send them into pro-lab and get positive results, pro-lab recommends additional testing by a NACHI Pro-Lab Partner. That’s great that they will be in all Wal-Mart stores now. More work for us.


Now there’s an idea!! Use your bussines acumen and convince Pro-Lab to return all of those test kits as positive. Then they can include a sheet with NACHI member contact info for that persons area along with the recommendation for further testing!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

In the past 5 years I have never recieved a referral from pro lab. Hypathetically speaking if nachi sold books that promoted home buyers to do thier own home inspections would you stay a member? I can’t see a whole lot of difference. Sorry If I ruffled some feathers. Keith

Most people that find mold by self testing want an inspector to
tell them more about this issue.

Most people that start doing their own home inspection and
start to understand the complex implications it reveals, become
aware that they need an inspector even more.

I offer a detailed inspection list for people on my web
site for this very reason. Many have no idea how complex
the inspection process can be, until they see the list.
If they think they can do it themselves, they soon change
their mind after reading the list.

The more the public knows, the more the inspectors
knowledge increases in value.

Show a picture of an electric panel or AC-Heat unit,
and show a text that says… “INSPECT THIS”.
Most people call an inspector.

This is why the internet is sending people to the
inspector. Knowledge creates the need to understand
the issues and answer the all new questions.


Well said…