Mold Tape testing

Does anyone do mold **tape **sampling? From reading the forum back one year, thereis not anything about tape sampling. Mostly air canister testing. I’m receivingcalls for mold identification. Forinstance, a builder is building a new home for a client and the client seesmold on a floor joist in the basement. Since it’s new construction, doing amold inspection is not enough for a sales transaction without a lab test forthe presence of mold, that the new home owner questions.
NACHI has aguideline talking about a tape or slide test. But no referrals with whom.

Bob, I do a pretty good amount of mold testing and I prefer a swab to a tape lift sample on visible apparent mold growths and of course Air sampling for non visible o5r along with visible growths.


If you use a EMSL lab they will likely give you nice tape samples with slides and protective cases for free. Even with the protective case, it is worth making sure the package has good padding. The lab cannot always work with shattered glass.

If somebody just wants to know if a specific area has mold growth, than take the tape lift. I very seldom take surface samples during a mold assessment, because most of the time I already can see that it is mold. I prefer tape lifts over swaps because when a swab is taken it can smash some of the mold structure and make it hard to identify. Swaps are good for hard to reach areas.