Mold testing supplies

Those of you that test for mold do you purchase from pro lab or do you have a different source

I went to the lab and they gave a bunch of swabs and tape lifts for free. I buy the cassettes on Amazon.

EMSL for the lab and usually the supplies. They will give you tape lifts and swabs for free with the purchase of the lab. I believe if you buy the cassettes from somewhere else they will also analyze them for you but I purchase everything from them.

Pat, since you’re in the Chicago area : EMSL Labs 2225 W Hubbard St, Chicago.
They open at 8 A.M.
Save on shipping by picking up supplies and dropping off samples at their lab. They supply free lift tapes for surface sampling.
They also have a drop box in Willow Springs.

EMSL is who I use

Thank you all for your help