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Take an IICRC course. Do multiple courses. You can’t have enough info. You should take remediation courses as well, learn how to do it properly. You really need to know how it manifests and how it is best handled. Best practice hello to speaking the medically 3K week so we went in that current stupid alternator froze up and broke the belt Silliman at the flatbed that thing down there this week although I like to do it as soon as he can early in the week so this the one get off my plate but so yeah I’m hopeful to do that and try to get it out Monday if I can yeah yeah okay so yeah my wife is my wife is camping for another day and 1/2 so she cleaned the car out so hopefully you will need it back I can make a copy of that nuisance and then on to the and I still need to find time overthinking three and six recall Chris is on my list today than what I don’t know I when there we called mechanic the other day he called back with a day later uses her is just let me know your honey get that car down the gleaming like how the alternator from the and is been sitting at his place or, so yeah so we have a permit for a while on the needs of the belt is broken sinking home for 300 bucks into that or 300 bucks and just record cold Mountain meets in the teens okay so hurry so yeah that’s that hurts the skinny on that 48 yet yet absolutely Yep thanks you by Anyone can test, but can you explain your results, your outcomes? That is the key. We are mold specialists and also do remediation and structural drying. I also do about 700 home inspections per year. We don’t do a lot of mold testing. We only get 30-50 calls to even do it per year. We use an independent, in-state lab who we work closely with to formulate plans. Often, the mold testing is used for a base-line for the remediation job. You would also have to know what a successful remediation looked like, how they did it, methods, products, equipment. You would need to know that at the beginning as well. There is a lot more to it then simply testing. And testing alone is less than a secondary income if you don’t have real knowledge and credentials. Mold is easy if you know what you are doing. Most people are so scared of it that if you don’t know what you are doing, you can make a real mess of your business and reputation. Just some things to think about.

I think that it is really important for you to get as much training as possible before you begin performing mold testing. That would include a basic drying course (water damage), as well as mold remediation courses. It is important to know how mold manifests within a building, home. It is important to understand water and drying principles. I use all of these variables, information and training whenever I do a mold assessment.

Along with home inspections, we also do mold remediation and residential and commercial drying. The testing itself really doesn’t add a lot as a ancillary service. We maybe do 30 to 50 calls for testing per year. We work with an in-state lab. We do this because they do more than just give us the outcomes from the samples we send in. That is important when you’re trying to solve a mold issue in a home.

What you really have to be careful of is that many people are afraid of mold. Half of your calls will seemingly be from people who have spent a bunch of time on the Internet and convince themselves that they have a mold issue. Other calls will be legitimate and you certainly may have something to do when you get to the home. There is a huge liability within it and you really need to understand everything you can about mold but also your customers.

You can really create some significant issues for yourself and your company if you do not understand how to interpret test results and formulate plans. It is one thing to tell people “yes, it looks like you do have a mold issue” and it is another to be able to answer the questions of how and why. You will be in the home, performing an assessment which needs to have an outcome. You simply can’t ever say, " yes you do have mold, and I don’t know how to solve the issue"! You really need to know how to solve the issue. Because if it returns, you could be out of business quickly.

All that being said, get as much training as you can in those areas before you start mold testing. Anyone can perform mold testing. It is understanding all of the other variables around it that are most important. People are calling you to solve an issue. They generally already know that they have a mold problem. Unless they are a little crazy about it. You will certainly meet those folks as well. Everyone is an expert because of the Internet.

IICRC trainings are great and generally are based upon the industries best practices. Seek those trainings and take your time getting into this stuff. You can really wreck your business if you don’t know what you’re doing with mold.

Mold testing can also wreck your home inspection business if you are not careful and do not know how to communicate the information to real estate agents and your clients. Again, people get really scared when they hear mold. I don’t remember the last time I pulled a mold sample at a home inspection. I also see a lot of other inspectors really hype the presence of mold up and do not understand how easily some problems can be solved. All they do is focus on the fact that there is mold. If you are an alarmist, you will wreck your business. Again, these are all things you will understand more if you take drying courses and remediation courses to go along with any more certifications that you get.

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This is great. You’re actually in the business of mold, and this is the response you give. This isn’t the purpose of these forums, to rip people down. The purpose is to help, guide, and encourage. If you cannot, or are unwilling, to do that, then kindly refrain from engaging at all. In fact, maybe you should do us a favor, and drop your InterNACHI membership.

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Doug is just that way. I have a feeling he does not have many friends.

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