Mold testing

Do you offer mold testing?

You forgot No and never will :wink:

It is good money, a needed service to some and not all the expensive to get started.
I get 2-3 requests per week for mold testing, and also an occasional allergy or dust mite testing. In addition I also get a few small office test requests. Mold testing has added a nice new revenue source to add to the ancillary offerings we have.


I very seldom do them with a comprehensive home inspection. I normally do them as a standalone service when there is a known or suspected problem.

I was just curious how common it is as no one else in my area offers it. This year I have had several homes with mold (or what appears to be mold). Thought I would start researching a little. I do get a few calls a year seeking just mold testing.

Troy it is not that big of an investment and the ROI can be great. Look there are not that many legit ancillary services for home inspectors, and this is one of the good ones. Just my opinion.


HVAC only QwikProducts by Mainstream Engineering. May do more later down the road !

This year I have had about 25-30 homes with moisture problems which led to mold growth. Out of them only 2 needed testing and those tests were to silence the owners or their agents who refused to acknowledge there was mold.

One agent even tried to claim it was “algae”. :roll: