I recently inspected a private dwelling which appeared to have a substantial mold condition. I am asking if anyone has encountered this type of condition before. On all four interior perimeter walls the wooden studs and nails securing the drywall to the studs were visible. A dark Grey color had bled through the drywall to expose the studs and the nails. The rest of the wall appeared to be in good condition. My guess was that mold has contaminated the drywall and where the stud touches the drywall the mold condition is more severe. If anyone has seen this condition before I would appreciate a little information. Mike

I think this is not mold it is ghosting .
Do a search there is a lot of it on the NACHI site and more on the CMHC site will try and give more info later .
Roy Cooke

Here is some much more availiable .

Roy Cooke

Roy thanks for the tip on ghosting. This is exactly the problem. One of the sites you directed me to had almost a carbon copy picture of the home I was in. Thanks for everything Mike

Glad to help thats the NACHI way.

Roy Cooke

According to what I read at [FONT=Arial]misterfix-it mold and mildew comments, Mold isn’t a problem… Don’t test, just clean it up.[/FONT]

Where do you go for mold training? What are the pros and cons of getting a mold remediation technician certification in addition to just a a mold certification as a home inspector?