shadow/staining of wall studs showing thru drywall

See the attached photo. Walls had this shadow/staining outline of the vertical studs and header, only on the interior surfaces of the exterior walls. On some walls more obvious, on others less obvious. Wall surface was drywall with a thin texture (poorly applied). Don’t know if these studs were wood or metal. Studs in the basement below were metal. Anyone run across this before?


This should help:

Thanks for that article, Ralph. It had some good info, but I didn’t see a reference to what I found today, that existed on all interior drywall surfaces (of exterior walls only). I did find out from a neighbor who was around when it was built, that the studs are metal. Any other ideas??

I thought the article talked more about the gohsting on the wall where the studs are. I guess it doesn’t talk much about it. There is a picture near the top, which shows it.
As far as I know it is a static or condensation type thing which caused dirt/dust/soot to deposit at certain spots. I have not heard that metal vs wood makes any difference.

Ralph, good article thanks.

Anyone else have suggestions? Thanks!

See my reply under “Interiors”.

I think you have help here… :mrgreen: