Stains of walls

Can someone help me with identyfing these dark shadowy spots along the ceiling joist and wall studs behind the drywall throughout this home. It’s pretty much in every room, with the exception that one of the bedrooms was really worse than the others. There were no signs of previous moisture intrusion anywhere around the house. It had been winterized over the winter and de-winterized before the inspection. The home buyer was a previous builder and the realtor even said they had never seen anything like this before. Any ideas?

Ghosting. There are hundreds of posts on the issue. Use the search function and go to town. Have fun.

It’s called Ghosting. Do a search of this site for it. It has been discussed at great length.:smiley:

opps… looks like Stephen beat me to it.…gly_stains.pdf

It looks like ghosting. Do a search on this site and you’ll find plenty of info.:wink: