Montgomery Ward Furnace Age

I’m looking for the age or any way to decode the unit number for an old Montgomery Ward furnace. I’ve had no luck really on any decoding charts. Apparently it predates the 1965-2000 Preston’s.

Unit #: 84AN-6203A

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue. An old Mongomery Ward gas furnace that I can not figure out the age.
Model: SRM54362A
Serial: KP3D102F52766585
Any help would be appreciated!


I assume that was for me Michael… Thanks! By the way, so I can write it down, what numbers (or letters) determine this age?

Yes Brian.
The 4 letters following the F are week and year. Same as Rheem.

Not sure about original posters question.

From the info I have I am reasonably sure about yours.

Great…thanks again Michael!

I believe mine is around 1960, maybe a few years older. (84AN-6203A). I know it is pre-1965, b/c there is nothing about it in the Preston’s Guide, or so I’ve been told.