More dead Batteries!

I could of told him that. In the winter I have to charge all my tool batteries in the house, no heat in the shed. I watch them like a hawk, can’t trust charging batteries.


Wow! Maybe this is a sign we Inspectors need gas-powered tools for the winter? :grin::rofl:

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Damn. I could not get where I’m going because of fouled gasoline.

Gasoline doesn’t foul. Sparkplugs foul. The ‘high ends’ or most volatile portions of the gasoline can evaporate after sitting for a long time, but gasoline doesn’t foul.

If you can’t operate the equipment you shouldn’t be playing with it!

Said no one ever.


Whatever. I current have both a gasoline car and an EV, they each have their own failure modes. Both have left me scrambling for transportation in different ways. The gas car sure has a lot more parts, and is a lot more costly to keep maintained (and I do keep it maintained). With the EV there’s basically nothing to do other than watch and keep in mind real world range and what’s on the display are not the same thing (I do what maintenance there is, like brake fluid).

And yes, a bad batch of fuel did indeed cause a bad injector day in the legacy fuel vehicle. That was not fun.

I’ve been driving for over 40 years and I never had a vehicle leave me on the side of the road. It’s all about maintenance. My Silverado is 18 years old and purrs like a kitten.

What I would not expect is a EV vehicle that cost around $100,000 be inoperable at freezing temperatures. Keep in mind these vehicles are brand new. This should not be an issue. Can’t wait to see if they’re even running in 18 years. It sounds like they only run at room temperature.

I don’t have any batteries that have made it 18 years.

I’ll be keeping my truck. Thank you.


“How miserable is a Tesla in sub zero temperature?”