More Bad Batteries

I know people are placing blame on Tesla for this, when actually the fault lies with the wrecking yard for not properly disabling the batteries when it was received!!


Tesla batteries have just caught on fire. I don’t see anything in the article that says the junkyard had failed to do something. Batteries in all kinds of other devices catch fire on a regular basis also. Say what you want battery technology is not as safe as it should be for prime time. Won’t it be great when everybody has an electric car.


We already have issues with our electric power supply for a large part of the nation. Should be interesting to see how “they” plan to keep up with electric car growth.


As with gas vehicles. I would say here in greater Metro Atlanta area I hear of at least two vehicle fires a week screwing up traffic.

However, there is a compounding issue

“Electric Car Fires Are Uniquely Dangerous | GetJerry.comElectric Car Fires Are Uniquely Dangerous |