Fun quiz stuff

Take the Home and Garden quizzes and turn in your membership if you miss any of the questions.

I took the nuclear bomb quiz. I got one answer wrong, so I’m going down into the basement and see what might be wrong with the…uhhmm…ah…project I’m working on.

I took the “Skydiving Quiz”.

Let me go see if what I learned actually works.

I’m going to try jumping from my attic window…

I tried the Obama quiz but it’s full of trick questions like, where was he born, what nationality is he, is he a Muslim and is he black enough :wink:


Was George Washington born in the United States?

He was born in Virginia. The rule at the time, for obvious reasons, was that the President had to be born in any area, colony, whatever, that ultimately was part of the original thirteen states. As the the nation expanded and new territories were added the birthright was included.

Bad boy Gerry “bad boy”


Sorry Bob, I try so hard to be good :mrgreen:



It’s difficult to be good when one is an Englishman…according to Mark Twain.:p:p;-);-):roll::roll:Oh lordy, lordy…I’m in trouble now…:(:frowning:

Took the home quiz, and got one wrong. I thought the contractor was the guy that checked the house over to make sure it was good to go before closing!!:wink: