Was Obama present when this...

award was presented? If not, do you think he heard about it? Did he approve of it? Did he speak out about it? Did he leave the Church because of it? Do you really believe that someone with these views and friends, can really bridge the gap between races in America? If a tattooed guy wearing a vest rides into town on a Harley with a bunch of Hells Angels, is he most likely to be a Biker or a Boy Scout? If Obama is not a racist, then why does he hang out with them?

Sarah Palin Wasilla Church Has Kooky Prophecy Sessions

Chris, you need to make up your mind, you say you are a believer, yet you always play the Atheist.

A believer and belonging to a church that thinks the president is chosen by God are 2 different things.


A discussion for a different day and in a different thread.

Not true as it fits in with Kens topic quite well.

Ken needs to understand the south side of Chicago, and no outsider will.
I live here and I lived in Hyde Park.

Obamas church was not an issue till Republican dirt diggers forced the man to leave his church.

These ae not good people that pick on a mans church, so tit for tat as they say.

Democrats are sick and tired of losing elections because Republicans like to dig personal dirt , or reframe reality in order to win elections.

Have a taste of your own medicine.

Swiftboats , small tanks, and using 911 will not work this time .Touche and prepare to lose as we are taking America back from the Rapers of our land.

Are you sure you want to discuss Obama’s 20 year membership in a church that preaches what the Rev. Wright does?

We can go there but it won’t look good for your side.

As to digging personal dirt, there was no more effective administration in that practice than the Clintons. It would NOT be hard to demonstrate so I guess we can go there too if you want.:wink:

The swift boaters got it right BTW.:smiley:

Exactly Michael! That is why you see “I won’t even go there” edit of mine!:slight_smile: Man, has Bob fell off the deep end or what? My gosh he sounds like he is completly off hinge!
He says: “prepare to lose as we are taking America back from the Rapers of our land”. OMGosh!!! I had to step back and get a grip and I highly recommend some others do as well!

Maybe if you Democrats did something bold like field a candidate with actual substance, perhaps you wouldn’t relive this nightmare every presidential election. “Vote for me because I was Clinton’s VP and I invented the internet” didn’t work in 2000, “Vote for me because I am not Bush and I a have a phony Vietnam hero status” didn’t work in '04 and “Vote for me because I will magically ‘Change’ things for the better” won’t work in '08. You liberal champion yourselves as being intellects yet you keep committing the same mistakes every presidential election. You get what you deserve. :roll:

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, no doubt you Repugs will be reliving the McCain nightmare for the next eight years, maybe more. :mrgreen:

Are you acknowledging that all is lost for the Obama campaign?

And after you tried so hard to be of service.

Better luck next time Joey.:mrgreen:

Let me set the record straight Mikey once and for all. If McCain continues to make mistakes like Sarah Palin, then I’m back to believing in an Obama landslide presidential victory. :wink:

OK then. We’re back to the landslide talk.

Thanks for clearing that up. :wink:

What does Rush Limbaugh really think of the McCain ticket?

My fellow conservative Republicans, you have no one to represent you on this ticket. Why do you honor it with your votes when the party has left you behind?

Jim, I predict you will never get it.:roll:

Your strategy is seriously flawed IMHO.

There is nothing you could say that would encourage me to vote for Obama.

I do not expect you to vote for Obama…but you are rewarding a party that has wiped its a$$ with you and your conservative values if you vote for John McCain.

I hardly believe that Jim’s strategy is to get you to pull the lever for Obama, this is simply a forum, an exchange of ideas, a place where others may see both sides of an issue.

Mikey, seriously, what would we have to talk about if you flip-flopped on McCain? :smiley:

I am not rewarding anyone.
I am expressing my opinions and have yet to decide how I will vote in November.

Sorry if you are confused. Let me know of any other misreads you have of my opinions so I can cleat them up.

Well Joey, that the point isn’t it.

I have not flip flopped. You and Obama have however.:roll: