"More than 110 current going thru this outlet"

I found this on facebook.
I hope this link works:

I don’t do facebook, Bert.


Just takes me to a list of “Top Videos For You”.

I need to figure out a way to post that video. Amazing if he is a licensed inspector.

What name or title?

www . facebook.com / DRHIJOSH

About 30% of his videos give incorrect information.

I subscribed to his page just for entertainment value.

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“The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.” I even tried the facebook button on his site.

Done Right Home Inspections

There is more than one company with that name. To prevent any identification issues you may want to post a link.

As Larry does not do FB neither do I.

His Web site here:

I don’t think you can copy the video on Facebook.

Videos like that is pretty scary, and to think how many more inspectors like that going around is even more scary.

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Marcel, yes, that is the one.

He would be a typical inspector in my area. Gives you an edge to compete :slight_smile: be happy! Let consumer make a better decision! I bet he is cheap :slight_smile: doing 3-4 onsite inspections a day. Easy money!


Were you able to see the video, Marcel?

Thermal Imaging

Possibly the most important part of the inspection. This will show hidden repairs, pipe leaks, roof leaks, moisture intrusion, and energy costing defects.

I’ll have to see the Facebook video on the wife’s account but this made me laugh.


Yes, only because I am on Facebook.

I am as well, as we use it for our business page. However, each time I tried the links Bert shared, I got the results I posted above.

Just go to fb and type done right home inspections in the search bar…brings it right up.


Yes, I went that route after, thanks! :slight_smile:

In a ‘nutshell’, his “widow stick” (his words) warning tone and light goes off before it gets inserted into the receptacle, thus the “WAY MORE THAN 110 VOLTS” statement!!!

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