More Training Coming to Ontario in July!

2-Day training event coming to London, Ontario in July

Dont miss it.

Bill Mullen and Nick Gromicko endorsed!

Certified Commercial Inspector and Certified Well Sampler

July 19th and 20th

Kool Aid,

Come to the training and find out for yourself. No dissatisfied students.

I’ll pay Ray’s tuition as I believe him to be honest and want him to report back about the quality of the training.

Good for you NICK ,you are correct Raymond is a very honest Person .
He worked his but of for NACHI and helped to get NACHI established in Canada big time .
Many have no idea how much Raymond did for NACHI .

When NACHI lost Raymond the Lost one of the best Home Inspectors much knowledge that he loved to share and He enjoyed helping all.

Roy Cooke.RHI.](
Questions 613-475-1144
A NACHI member since 2003

Some of us took these courses in Kingston earlier this year. I have given and received many courses and seminars and I have to admit that Joe is one of the most dynamic presenters I have seen. He is very clear in his approach and can answer any question in whatever detail is needed.

This is a chance for all inspectors to gain some beneficial knowledge at one heck of a bargain price.

Don’t miss it !!!

Bill Mullen


You are living in the past Roy!!


Great place to live at least I do not have my post’s removed for using foul language or slanderest post’s . Mario your Post surprised me I thought you had better control . You Potty mouth sure was far from Nice or proper . All the best.

Roy Cooke.RHI.](
Questions 613-475-1144
Was A NACHI member since 2003

Any more new parking lot adventures?:shock:

Both courses were a hit in Missouri, as well.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to add more to your list of services provided to your customers.



Some things don’t change.

Both of you fcuking morons tag teamed to attack anyone you didn’t like when you were members of NACHI, and you are doing it now as disgraced non-members. You morons should really get a life.

BTW How’s it going with the Town of Caledon and OAHI? I hear you are not an RHI, what’s up with that? Are you deceiving the public again?

You are not only a moron wand but you are too funny!!:roll:

Wait for it…any minute now the other moron will make a post in wands defense!!

Too funny!


NO attack from Me Mario,
I just am showing you do get upset, then loose the ability to communicate properly.
I do not make slanders statements ,unless you think My asking about your Potty mouth is slanderous and mean .
Sorry but it is you who is taking my statements incorrectly.
I guess you are on the way to having more of your post removed You must be the champion Member for getting post’s removed .
At least you are first in something .
I speak only for Roy

Roy Cooke.RHI.](
Questions 613-475-1144
Was A NACHI member since 2003

You are not very sharp Raymond Wand.

Anybody want to talk about the courses in London, which is what this thread is supposed to be about ???

Bill Mullen

No! :wink:

I will try and make it there Bill. Joe has a great course and I would love to take it again!!!

Won’t you be very busy doing inspections and commercial properties to attend? After all you keep telling everyone that will buy into it how busy you are. So busy in fact you lie about it! Sorta like everything else you post, one must appreciate the source and take it with a grain of salt!

Kool Aid Man,

Come to the course. Learn something.