Home Inspection Training in Canada?

Im trying to find and research home inspection training and courses in Calgary, Alberta, Canada or courses offered in other parts of Canada or online.

I took the Carson Dunlop course and really liked it. As for tools, you need a chainsaw, 10lb sledge hammer, and a pry bar to tear drywall apart…oh sorry, I thought you were working for Mike Holmes…never mind.lol

working for Mike Holmes…I just got my laugh for the day, thats a good one.

Consider Humber College - Home Inspection Program. It has all the courses required online including courses on Structures, Plumbing, HVAC, Building Science, Ethics & Report Writing. Humber College is an accredited training provider. The program has existing since 2002, and is updated annually. It meets the NOS - National Occupational Standards for Home & Property Inspectors.

The courses are on a computer media software platform BlackBoard - that offers full functionality of course notes, chats, discussions, library, grade book, etc. They are accessed by your computer and the internet.

Disclosure Note: I also teach several of these courses.

I Consider Humber College and Carson Dunlop from what I have seen have a much higher success rate then other Training groups.

. Even then remember it looks like 90% of new Home Inspectors will not be around in three years .

This site has some good courses and they don’t cost much. In fact most are free.
That’s no money but you still have to do the work. Sweat equity.
In Alberta you would be advised to contact the Safety Codes Council for correspondence courses on the ABC. In Calgary go to SAIT Southern Alberta Institute of Alberta. They have course specifically set up for inspectors. Also they will teach you the right stuff and it will meet the local conditions. The Alberta department of education recognizes SAIT’s courses and they are known world wide. Any courses you take there are recognized by other institutions.


Good advice.

I recently completed the Inspect4u course in Alliston Ont and personally found it excellent.I found having experienced instructors teaching the class provided many advantages rather then reading an online course with no immediate human interaction.This is my own opinion as we all absorb information differently and what works for one may not work for another.Inspect4U offers courses across Canada .
Good Luck :mrgreen:

Here is a good list of providers in Canada


The college courses, whether offered on-line or in the class room, will be the only courses recognized by the ‘union’ as basic entry level requirements. With the launch of the Association coming up you might want to get your name in soon, as there will, no doubt, be a high demand for inspectors with these qualifications in the near future.

King George,

Those basic entry level college courses, I graduated from 10 years ago…

Being a National Certificate Holder (NCH) is what should be aimed for, which is excellence, but especially for when licensing becomes a requirement to practice!

Its coming and no Union basics will help you…

I have not seen one bit of proof that The NCH will help any Ontario Home Inspector except cost the HI money.
I have listened to Bill and Others tell many stories and most where pure BS .
Facts have not been forth coming .
Still looking for the Magic 5,000 number we where told about … Roy

i did the **Professional Home Inspection Institute courses (basic and advanced)
the passing score was 90%…**got 98% on both course …was ok…but lacked a little in the HVAC department. the nachi exam on HVAC i found it a bit difficult **…i passed , but not my greatest score.

Hi, I did the Inspect4U course in Calgary and while it was informative and covered a broad spectrum I found that it was based on Ontario style building and some of the stuff didn’t really apply to Alberta. It was definitely worth taking but I have been augmenting what I learned from them with the courses offered by Internachi and passed my Alberta exam with a very respectable score.

InterNACHI’s free, online inspection courses are approved by Alberta… not to mention 1,000+ other government agencies.

Who is going to crack the shell in Ontario!
I can’t even get Professionals to look at the InterNachi sight because they have been ingrained by OAHI.

As far as I can tell, a little more than 1/2 the home inspector training going on in ON is based on InterNACHI’s approved courses. For example: Inspect4U is rockin’ and rollin’… but of course they picked the right horse to ride.

InterNACHI residential and commercial courses is the BEST starting point if you are looking for apples to apples comparison of INTERNET providers.
I would start there.

As you develope your skill sets and wish fore " hands on training" all trades men ( businesses ) plumbers, HVAC, ELECTRICAL, ETC, ) when approached properly will help you free of charge.
It is called shadowing.
Most transparent businesses love to mentor and educate.
Offer to carry there tools and help when you can.

So with your free lessons from InterNACHI membership gives you and other FREE resources that are obviously out there for ones that care to look is my best answer to your question.
Good luck.:slight_smile:

Go for the top** Professionals** you can find in your town. Stay away from small business plumbers, roofers, electricians, gas fitters ect unless they can give you a organization they have been **Certified **by. Offer to work for them for low pay or no pay for a week on a project ect. Shadow a Home Inspector if he will let you.
Spend all other time learning until you can pass the exams easily. If you haven’t yet as Robert says join InterNachi now!