Mortarless Brick Siding

I saw this today for the first time. What will they think of next??

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I have been studing NovaBrik for a few years now. There are also a few building in my area that have been done in it and look very good. The thing I like best about mortarless is that you don’t see any pesky cracks due to slight movement like you do with traditional brick.

I am however concerned with the amount of required attachment vs weight however I am not an engineer.

Even with the overlap shouldn’t there still be a drainage plane behind it?

Nova Brick Installation

Shows house wrap and taped joints behind brick face in wall preparation section.

PDF Format

The key word here is UNSKILLED LABOR can be taught to build.

The Patented Two Block Haener Mortarless Interlocking Insulating System is the newest innovation in mortarless systems.
With only two blocks, as compared to as many as seven in other systems, building is easier than ever. The two components are the combination stretcher-corner-end-block and the half block.

Labor cost is reduced as block laying is up to 10 times faster while the possibility for placement errors is virtually eliminated.
Unskilled workers can be taught to build with Haener Block on the job site with a minimum amount of training.

  • Can be made in split block and an interlocking, load bearing curved block for retaining walls and other specialty uses
  • Inventory is simplified, since there are only two components in the Two Block System
  • The ideal building system for low cost housing
  • Does not require use of heavy or costly machinery on the building site
  • Lintels and columns are made with the block
    Semi-skilled, unskilled or do-it-yourself labor can lay Haener Blocks

Pretty cool isn’t it?

Thanks for the link.

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Thanks for your link Marcel. I have’nt seen the Haener product yet.

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Thanks to you or who ever show me how to download with a free program and thank you M. Larson for sharing all the educational information as I try to do.
I guess we are never to old to learn. ha. ha.

Thank you all for the Contribution to this BB.

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The NovaBrik (and there are some others) are a siding. They provide no structural support. The Haener Block is a structural block for poured concrete (like an ICF without the I :slight_smile: ) A completely different animal in my opinion.

I would like to see a concrete form that has an insulated form on only one side and something else like concrete on the other. Kind like half ICF and half Haener block. If anyone knows of such a product please let me know.

And… should the firring strips be PT?


Your to fussy. ha. ha.

See what I can find.
Rule of thumb, if someone can think of something, chances are it is out there for you to find or will benifet from the makings of a new Product.

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Thanks Marcel, me thinks you know why I want the insulating foam on only one side :wink:

One other thing to point out is carpenter ants will go right through the foam and nest in it or the wood, so the firring strips might also be treated with borate, but this would not stop them from getting into the foam.

Very bad situation.

Just for you Paul;
A system for insulating only the interior surface of a concrete wall to be poured between a pair of interior and exterior wall forms. The system includes horizontally extending elongated tie strips which connect to each of the wall forms to hold the wall forms spaced apart, a single layer of insulation positioned in contact with the interior wall form, and a plurality of connectors for securing the single layer of insulation to only the interior surface of the concrete wall. The connectors include an enlarged head portion which engages the insulation and a web portion of smaller cross section which extends through apertures in the insulation and into the space between the wall forms, the web portion including openings for the passage of concrete therethrough.

This is a patent pending, I think.

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Thanks Marcel, But I want the foam insulation to be on the outside and with out the use of tear down forms (like in and ICF). Otherwise one might as welll just do a typical formed poured wall and throw the insulation on afterward.

Paul, did you see my post about ants and foam?

Could be a bad thing, I think some of these new products come out and they have great marketing, they look great, cheaper to install but how does it effect the overall building over the years?

Hi Peter,

Yes I saw your post and you are quite correct. That is why a protection barrier must be diligently installed. Diligence that is not likely on a track built home but hopefully on a custom built or ownerbuilt home.

The reason for the insulation on the outside is mainly for thermal mass purposes. Added benifit is the reduced fire exposure of toxicity of foam insulation.