New construction question


I am a student inspector and am trying to learn as much as I can here. Thanks in advance. I have been looking around a lot and came across a newly built block basement wall system that is still under construction. The builder did not put any mortar in the vertical joints only the horizontal. The walls are going to be parged and insulated I’m told, but I wanted to know what the reasoning would be of doing it this way. Thanks.

Sounds like the mason likes to cut corners. I have never seen that in FL, but I have seen (once) where they didn’t put any mortar on the block joints (dry stacked). They did fill the entire wall with concrete and stuccoed the exterior. I assumed it passed AHJ later.

Thanks. That is what I was thinking. It is a friend of mine having the house built so it is great experience for me getting to see the phases of the build.