Moss growth

This is actually a first for me.

Can moss growth be detrimental to a rubber roof? In eight years I’ve never seen it till yesterday.

From a post back in 2007.

I actually read the whole thing, very helpful, but not a word about rubber roofs.

In my opinion moss is determintenal to all kinds of roofing material. I have several areas that are in my area of inspecting that have heavy growth of trees, to much shade the roof covering never has a chance to dry properly and moss takes over. Can not say I have ever encountered a moss covered rubber roof

It was my understanding that the rubber had zinc or some other chemical properties which could resist any growth. It’s curious.

EPDM does not support moss growth and does not require chippings on top. Which means it helps to keep gutters and rainwater pipes free from blockages.

EPDM does not support moss growth. It not only looks good on day one but also stays looking good even after 30+ years…

**EPDM not porous enough to allow moss to cling too and does not provide a food source for the Moss. **
**Of course you have to broom clean the rubber once in awhile, so the moss don’t grow on the debris and dirt. **


How ever birds can damage it, We had one were the damn seagulls punctured it getting Shadflies ( MayFlies). it took for ever to figure that one out lolol

You have seagulls in Tennessee?

No it was up Home James lol but i have seen them here lol

Now there’s a weird result. Ha! This wasn’t thick at all, I just suggested they clean it but I thought I would ask if anyone had ever seen damage because of it.