Most amazing wildlife footage ever

This is crazy! You have to watch the whole thing

Fantastic thanks Dominic. Nature sure has some great shows…Cookie

Dominic, I saw it last summer. It’s great.

Make sure you watch the whole thing.

You won’t believe it.

And no this is not one of those “gotcha” things.


How’s the update coming?

I see there is a 2.5.6 for Mac

Is this the same as 2.5.5 for Win?

Hi Mike,

Actually I released 2.5.7 to the beta testers for Windows last night. Would you like to try it out? I’ll send you an email with the link. There’s been a ton of changes!! The entire list is on the message boards on our site, but I’ll include it in the email to you.



I doing a test report right now with 2.5.5. I check out the changes list.:smiley:

Just sent you the email with the new beta version. Enjoy :smiley:

Thanks for the link Dominic. This proves that there is strength in numbers!!Exactly what we have here at NACHI.

Yes, strength in numbers indeed!!

Wow, very nice footage.

Thanks, D.

Pretty cool!!