Serenity in Africa

This is for Chris Morell and others looking for the sounds and serenity of nature

it’s great for background and cool to watch around sunrise and sunset when the larger animals arrive

you’ll have to adjust for your time zone accordingly

Oh that’s way too cool!!! Thanks!

Some gorgeous wildlife and “music” on right now.


You’re welcome I hope others will enjoy.

Water buffalo a pregnant female is in view with the calf’s knees and hooves visible through her side.


Great site. Thank you. I dont want to rain on anyones parade but I have spent more than a few days in hides around water holes in Africa. I am a hunter and have been on several safari’s to various parts. If you go to Africa once you will go again, as it gets into your blood.


I know folks that have been and all enjoyed except for the abounding illness and poverty.

Back in grade school a neighbor worked for National Geographic this was long before globalization. I was always at his doorstep upon his return to hear the stories, view the sights and relics of alien lands.