Most resent news on the pool motor and energy codes

Here’s the latest I’ve recieved on the changes to the enrgy code and pool codes:

At this time, FSPA priority bills that passed the legislature, have yet to be sent to the Governor for his consideration. These bills include the following:
**HB 849, the building code bill: **This legislation provides the following provisions SPECIFIC to pools and spas:

  1.   Public pools and spas built prior to January 1, 1993 are required to have a safety device to protect against entrapment.  This device can be chosen by the consumer, but must be installed by a licensed pool/spa contractor and must protect against evisceration and limb/body entrapment.  New construction remains under current 64E-9 guidelines.  **Note:  there still are many questions on how this will be interpreted and enforced; FSPA is continuing to work on this issue.  When a final determination is made we will alert our members.  This will also be discussed at the upcoming June 17 board meeting.**
  2.   Replaces all the specific pool/spa energy requirements found in the law with a requirement that pool/spa energy efficiency pump, motor, heater, and portable spa requirements follow what is set out in the 2010 FL Energy Code of the 2010 FL Building Code.  The effective date in the bill regarding the pool/spa energy provisions is also changed to 12/31/11 to be consistent with the effective date of the building code.  **Pool & Spa energy efficient requirements are still taking place; the implementation date has just been moved.**
  3.   Replaces one of the lodging seats on the DOH Advisory Board with a building official - something we asked for to help increase communication between the health and building officials. 

Also of importance to FSPA, the bill provides that the Florida Building Code is no longer required to be submitted to the Legislature for ratification before becoming effective - something that had to be done this year in order for the 2010 Code to become effective. We expect the Governor to receive this bill next week; he than has 15 days to sign this legislation, veto it, or do nothing and it automatically becomes law on July 1, 2011.


Yea, our states way of letting it become law and giving the govenor the ability to say he didn’t support it, just in case it doesn’t work out.