Motion ls800 used $175.00

Motion LS800 used but, in very good condition. I bought it used end of 2010 thinking I would try it in the field and honestly never took it out of the house once. I’m not a fan of using the tablet and don’t think I will and may be willing to part with it. It’s a paper weight at the moment. Need to re-check again but I believe it has Adobe Acrobat and MS Office installed. But, I truly need to check and not mislead anyone. It has the carrying case for field work and extra stylus pen tips. It does , from what i recall, hold a good charge. I will re-post after taking another look. Email me and we can discuss and send you pictures. everything works on it. Dual OS (Win7 and XP). I will charge it up to make sure everything is still good though. Honestly been sitting in my office for about a year now. Used it around the house just never took it on an actual inspection. Price includes shipping to the continental US if interested.



Couple of questions.

  1. Most important, do you still have the unit?
  2. Does it have on screen keyboard?
  3. Would you take $150.00?

Steve Wessler

Is this tablet still available? If so do you have any pictures of this unit?

Yes it is still available. I have had several inquiries both here and thru email. I will be as fair as possible to everyone. I will be happy to answer any of your emails but you need to understand, I too am busy working and can’t always respond as quickly as I’d like to. The first person to commit to purchasing will be the person to whom it’s sold to. I have no other way to do it. As of the moment of writing this post, it is available. I will sell to the first person that commits to buying. Thanks for the inquiry.


Can’t remember if I mentioned it in the listing but, the only thing wrong with it as I can see is the stylus pen receiver on the tablet does not retract in and out as when they are new and there is a small chip on the top left corner (see picture). I bought it that way and the person that sold it to me also made it clear. Basically what happens if the pen goes in its slot and comes out as well, it just doesn’t have the “spring” effect it had when new. There’s a string on the end of the stylus allowing it to be pulled out of its slot when needed. It’s not a big deal but just something that needs to be mentioned. It[ does have it’s own carrying case which is used for field work (see picture).

It has dual boot (Win7 and TabletXP0. I do not however have any of the original discs. It wasn’t a problem for me since I figured if I ever needed those two programs I could easily buy them online on Craigs list or Ebay. It does have an online keyboard or virtual keyboard. Quite honestly, the virtual keyboard with Win7 is better as far as I’m concerned. I believe though (from what I read or heard somewhere) that if you use Win7"s virtual keyboard you loose some of the tablets functions. I have really not looked into that because as I’m sure I stated in the listing, I never actually took it outside my office into the field. It does hold a good charge. never really timed it but I know I’ve let it sit in the office and couple days later was still with juice. That’s not being used of course. I can’t really make any real world statements because I really haven’t used it outside the home.

I really just bought on impulse and didn’t think it through. Use of a tablet just wasn’t and isn’t something I’m able to do. I used a Dell handheld for a couple inspections and quickly decided against it. I’m a camera person and my reports are based on the pictures I take. Been doing it like that for over 15 years and can’t seem to break that habit. Just let me know after seeing the pictures if your interested and I can send you a Paypal invoice for payment. Just provide me with shipping address when you decide. As stated $175.00 includes the free shipping. Nothing expedited rather regular ground shipping which isn’t horrible. Thanks for asking about it. Picture files are rather large so I’ll split it up in a couple post for you.




Here are some more pictures…

Here is the last picture…

Item has been sold. Thanks all.