Tablet PC $200

Good little tablet PC, runs Home Inspector Pro with no problem, has USB and SD card slots to easily expand storage. Also built in Wi-Fi and a PC card slot for you cellular internet card.
It might not be as fast as a iPad, but you can run anything and print!
12.1" Touchscreen
Motion Computing LE1600 Centrino 1.5Ghz Pentium M
512 MB RAM, 30GB HDD
Windows XP Tablet Edition Service Pack 3

In San Antonio, TX



Actually with 1.5ghz processor, it would be faster than the iPad :slight_smile:

Some questions.
How old is the unit?
Why are you selling it?

I thought that was the new price he was telling us about.haha.
I see nothing about him wanting to sell it.

I have 2 motion 1600’s. Great tablets.
I will be going back to a regular tablet pc for the new year. Need more memory and Im maxed out. Both of mine are 60 gig hard drives.
I will be putting them on soon.

I think that posting in the classified section is a good indicator that the object is for sale

It is for sale. I got it used about a year ago to use for home inspections, but found I prefer to take notes and complete the report at the office. Since I have a bunch of laptops I decided (at my wifes suggestion) to let this go.

Can I ask why you prefer to spend your evenings creating reports ?

I like the extra time to make sure the wording is correct and can be understood by the client and since I don’t know “everything” it gives me time to research and learn about any questionable finds.

I agree
Plus the report looks so much better when you take time to add arrows and good captions that tie in with the report.
If appearance does not matter we would all just use check lists.

I downloaded over a dozen check list apps on my Android the last few days and can take all the notes I need but you can not replace a good software that lets you work fast with pictures and editing like HIP.
Gathering info is the easy part.

I’ll buy it for $200 as long as the yellow box in the pic and its contents come with it.

Robert, It’s a deal, $200 + $3500 shipping and handling for the yellow box!

Damn :mrgreen:

That wasn’t my question. You can still do all that if you don’t print on site. I am talking about entering most of the data electronically in the field as you are doing your inspection to avoid the reentering of data later. You can still review all your wording and do research and everything back at the office after the report is created automatically from the data you entered in the field.