Looking into a tablet PC

Greetings all!

I’m looking into a tablet pc and am curious if anyone is using, or has used the M1300 from Motion Computing. Pros/Cons? Any info would be greatly appreciated:D

Here is some information, which would probably sway me from buying one right now.


Hi Arron,
I’ve used the Motion M1200, M1300 for inspections. Very reliable company and product. I’ve also used the Fujitsu models also. Fujitsu and Motion are very simular. Of course you can get all the bells and whistles but from experiance from being in the field get the view anywhere screen. You can get by with the indoor view screen but I use to have to search for shade outside so I could see the screen. There are alot of used models offered for sale on ebay, just do your reseach and buy from a repitable seller with a good feedback score.

Oh, almost forgot, get the docking station and keyboard,… makes working in the office so much nicer.


Which Fujistu model(s) are you familiar with? I’m also looking at a C-500 model.

C500?? ewwww That sounds like an old model. If they are anything like the fujitsu 3400 & 3500 I’d stay away. I know you can find them cheap on ebay but you will hate them, S L O W and the input pens were pressure sensative, not digitizers like todays tablets. Obviously I’ve used the fujitsu 3400 & 3500 but I’d only recommend getting the newer models like the Stylistic ST5010 or higher. My opinion.


Thanks soooo much! I appreciate your comment on the 3400 & 3500. I was intrigued by these models because of their price, however, I am well aware that you “get what you pay for” especially when it comes to these tablets.

The C-500 is right out!

I use the toughbook 18 by panisonic. I would highly recommend it to any home inspector. Its a bigger investment upfront but its well worth it.

Your welcome Aaron,
Yes I bought a 3500 off ebay thinking of saving some money too when I first started out, but it so not worth the hastle. I ended up offering it up for sale a month later. :neutral:
If you want to save some money and get a good starter tablet look for any motion 1200, 1300 or 1400 models on ebay or Fujitsu 4121 or later models. They are ‘less’ older models but they have the digitizer pen and newer operting systems (you’ll have to get a external USB CD drive to install your software). Again make sure you buy from a repitable seller on Ebay (95% or highr Positive feedback). Alot of jokers out there, beware.

I use the Motion Computing tablet with the outdoor screen upgrade. I discovered it working with appraisers, where is it fairly common field equipment.

The computer is very fast and I have tried most of the popular inspection programs on the unit with no trouble. Unlike the PDA systems, I can see everything full screen as I work.

The unit lets me do all my field work and then becomes a desktop at the office. It’s great. All my inspection information, customer databases, completed reports, calender and contact information is always with me and all in one unit. I edit my photos in the truck before leaving the inspection site so I know I captured everything I need.

I can get my e-mail whenever I get a break and can send completed reports while on the road.

The unit has been on stored in a hot truck, on rooftops and in attics for nearly 3 years without a glitch.

It worked great right out of the box and I have never had a need for support.

I didn’t buy a docking station. I connect a wireless keyboard and mouse via USB and a large monitor when I’m a the office. I didn’t use a portable keyboard. The on screen keyboard works just fine for me.

These units are inexpensive on EBAY, just be sure you get one with the upgraded screen.

I use the on-screen key board in the field as well, I hated the small windows version and found a free download of a bigger keyboard that is resize-able heres the link if anyone is curious.

When you get down to the “look and feel” aspect of a tablet or PDA, try it out on a friend’s setup if possible. Some software packages just don’t cut it on a computerized setup.

I tried a cheap used tablet for trial inspection and went back to my customized notebook format. I had to change the way I did inspections too much to warrant the switch.

Do you know if the hard snap-on screen cover for the M1400 will work for the M1300? I just purchased the M1300 on ebay, and would like to have the screen protected in transit, but I cannot find a hard screen cover for the M1300 anywhere.

My company uses the Toshiba tablets & everyone is pleased.

I just purposely dropped my Compaq Tablet PC because I am fed up with it. I have had nothing but trouble with this unit since the day I purchased it. It was slow, and the screen outside was terrible! It was overpriced by a long stretch. The pen was a pain in the neck and would act up constantly. It was very frustrating at times using this tablet. I would certainly not buy another HP/Compaq Tablet.

This some times sure makes a person feel better . Been there done that .

I am having big trouble with my HP Colour laser printer Loved it for the first 3 months now it says that I do not have HP cartrages . I have been comunicating with HP for the last 5 weeks we ahve reprogramed to the printer twice they now say that they are shipping me two new Cartriges . Thre times they have told me this I finall got One cartridege the othere is out of stock They sent this one too a town not mine and not even close in spelling Talked to them again via email and they said sorry 5 times now and that the Black would go out monday to again the wrong town I again said the had the wrong address and time will tell any bets I do not get a cartridge this week . $400.00 and it will soon end up in the same place as you hand held and 6 new cartridgest at $100:00 each going to the same place .
The comunication they just add to the bottome of the last letter is now 8 pages long
Roy Cooke

All my other computers and printers are HP. Last time I called their service centre I was given the run around about them providing HD Recovery CD’s. Quite frankly having been a Mac user since day one,( I have since switched to PC) Microsoft should take a page about system structure, features, and system stability from Apple!

I use the Gateway tablet. It has lots of power and speed. it works great with Homegaue and it has a battery that lasts all day. My only concern with it, is that it took me about a month fighting with gateway to get it straight. I love the computer now but I would never buy anything from Gateway again!
Good luck on your search.

Actually I am looking at Gateway tablet on the net right this moment. Its $1299 Cdn. Along with the following:



Corel WordPerfect Office X3, and HP Printer Included (219.99 value. After mail-in rebates.)](javascript:SetUpTab(‘0665000FS10076279’, ‘EN’, ‘1’, ‘11520’, ‘1’):wink:

Can you use the screen without using the stylus pen. In other words is it a touch screen?