50,000 retail outlets to recommend NACHI members exclusively.


Done. Kits shipping: http://www.nachi.org/50000retailoutlets.htm

WAL-MART even got on board.

That’s awesome Nick. What a great benefit. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year to us all.


Very nice, Thanks


The training that I received from ProLabs said that we should be marketing our mould sampling services as a pre-screening type of services and that followup investigative services are best left to the industrial hygienist.

This kit would appear to also be a pre-screening type of test.

I view this kit in direct competition for my mould swab sampling services.

You are not alone in this view.

Hard time trying to make lemon aid out of these lemons

Somewhere I must get educated so I can educate Mr and Mrs home owner as to not use the kit but to call me since the kit says so. I know that they will understand!!

Next they will be selling a complete do it yourself master home inspection kit (CDIYMHIK)


These kits have been available for some time. You have always been in competition with them.

If you can’t beat’ em, join’ em


Sold my Pet Fences for years via retail settings and had a professional installer market as well…for the exact same product. Certain people will do things themselves no matter what you do…those are the ones who will complain over every nickle and dime…so you have to look at it as two different markets…

The one that will hire you simply because they want it done right…and the market that simply are too cheap to have a professional do it…we all know much like the pet fence market…they will do it wrong and call you in the long run anyway…so both win !

And MOST will buy it…read that it should be done my a professional and call you anyway…or they wont buy the kit at all…because they know right up front they dont have the time nor the desire to do it…and many agents probably wont allow a DIY kit to be used…either way it keeps it all balanced.

In the end…I don’t see it changing anything…or harming any business practice.

If the kit comes with complete instructions as to how to take the sample, which I am sure it does…

…and the inspector is only paid for taking the sample, which he is…

…why would anyone capable of reading instructions want to hire an inspector to take a sample?

I can certainly see why Pro-Lab would want to bypass the middleman and go straight to their market. It makes good business sense.


Think I will check out one of the kits and see if it has any down sides

Maybe it can’t be done wrong


OK… now might be a good time to ask some questions about mold.

If you take samples of mold and ID some positive results… thats good.
But what happens if someone sues you because they discover
mold in other areas that you did not find?

Or… even if you find them ALL… what happens if the mold comes
back later and they sue you for not finding all the causes?

There seems to be a lot of liability doing mold inspections.

I have confirmed this info with several mold inspectors here
in Texas… what is your feed back? Anyone?

Good point Robert…maybe some inspectors will see about selling them and making some money that way on them…kinda be the first source for them to their clients when doing an inspection…so even the guys who do not do mold inspections can profit as well…

Nick needs to get discounts for members…probably already has that…

I’ve seen these kits for a long time. They were out there no matter what. Now, they just have a reference to you on it. Bonus. :wink:

I think the kits are very low tech and probably refer the person to a professional for further evaluation. It isn’t the same type of test as what you perform, I think it’s just a front door type of test. But I am open to being wrong on that.

I think they are excellent advertising and a big help to getting the word out about NACHI home inspectors to people who may not have heard of us otherwise.

Yes, but at least they weren’t endorsed by my own association.

I have never gotton a lead from www.InspectorSEEK.com so putting that on the back is of zero benifit to me.

HI’s doing mould sampling are also just a front door type of test. Presenting your mould sampling services as anything more is what gets HI’s in to trouble.

Okay, let’s say I think the tests are a front door to HI doing further collections. What I’m saying is these tests are for a different type of collecting a HI would do.