Move In Certified - Controlling Report Distribution

I’m looking at MIC’s option. I feel it is important for my client to protect distribution of their report to potential buyers without first obtaining the Seller’s authorization.

Can you tell me how we control who has access to the MIC Fetch Report system? How does the Seller keep control over who gets their report and who doesn’t?

As I see it (and tested it) the report is uploaded and anyone with an interest in the property can download the report simply by typing in the address.

First it would take knowledge of where the report is listed. If the potential buyer is never given the information about where the report is located, how would they ever see it without obtaining the information from your client (the seller)?

I would say that part of the concept of the MIC program is to assist in the sale of the property.
This allows potential buyers to view the report to understand the condition of the property ahead of a personal walkthrough.
I would think that the seller would want to be contacted by potential buyers that have already seen the report and are still interested in looking at thier home, rather that everyone who is just looking around.

The more potential buyers that see your report, the more possibility of them hiring you to perform their inspection either on the subject house or on another.
Use the program as a marketing tool for the sale of the home.

You will never find a seller that tells their Realtor not to allow buyers to know the property is for sale unless it is ok with them.