Move In Certified Question

I am waiting on my yard signs, then I am going to start marketing MIC. I have read lots of good info here about MIC but have one question I haven’t seen asked.
When you do a MIC inspection for the seller do you post the report on right away, with the Isuues, if there are Issues, OR do you wait untill the Issues are addressed, then re-inspect and post a clean inspection report on ?
Posting a MIC inspection report with an HVAC system that will not operate, or any Issue, might not be what the potential Buyer is expecting to see.
Thanks !

A Home with an Inoperable HVAC system should not qualify as “Move In Certified”.

Just curious, what if it was deferred? The ac because of temp, can it still be MIC?


Well, my question is when do you post the inspection report online for potential buyers to view? Do you ONLY post the report after all Issues are addressed, like the seller can only put the yard sign out after the Issues are fixed ?