Move In Certified Works

Well, I’ve been busy and simply have not marketed any “Move-In-Certified” inspections, nor have I recently marketed any “Pre-Listing” Inspections. In the past few days I did have an opportunity to market for both of these programs and have found myself with 4 (Four) Pre-listing inspections that needed to be performed and 2 (Two) Move-in-Certified inspections…

If you are not busy, I certinly encourage you to think about these programs and can testify about some of the successes.

Jim Michael
1st Choice Home Inspections
Denver, Co

That’s great Jim! How did you market?

That is awesome!

Robert, MoveInCertified talking points at and some pre-listing sample letters near the bottom of

Why does Jim’s post say he’s not a member?

He joined our (Nicks) message board today… ???:shock:

He’s a member. He has to log out of the message board, then log back in using his members’ username and password.

His franchise uses the MoveInCertified program regularly and they created their own MoveInCertified logo. You can see it on Jim’s website:

I like the move in certified seal/ or logo. Is there a class to be able to use that? What does “Move in Certifed” consist of?

Russell Ray has put together some information about MIC called “Michael and Michelle”. This is what I used to get started. I think the web address is . Or you can search the INACHI marketing threads and learn about MIC that way.

It’s just a regular inspection except the that sellers confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement and no known safety hazards.

You should also host the report on our free report upload system,

Hi Nick and/or others:) I recently performed my first home “pre-inspection” for a seller here in Walnut Creek. I will be returning soon for a reinspection. Since I already sent him the report by first uploading it to HomeGauge and then making it public there and then sending him the report through ISN directly, when/and/if/should I use the website method???

Fetchreport allows the drivebys to pull up the report if you put a MIC sign in the yard.