Move in Certified Inspections Forms

Hi, Newbie here, also first post. I have been reading about the Move in Certified program and does Fetch Report offer a pre-made inspection form, or can you upload the inspection form that you allready use?

Doug Wilson

Same as your regular home inspection report.


Hi Doug,
After you have signed up and installed Fetchreport,

Open your report and print…
except instead of printing to your printer, select print to fetchreport.
it will give you directions from there.



Are there any special requirements for InterNACHI members to participate in the “Move In Certified” program.

I would like to offer this service but could not find the information I need to do it on the website.

David Selman
Selman Home Inspections


  1. There are no special requirements to participate in Move in Certified program.
  2. Simply promote MIC to Sellers and Realtors for there listings.
  3. Perform your Standard Inspection on the sellers home.
  4. The Seller should repair defects found during your inspection.
  5. The Seller should save all receipts for repairs done.
  6. After repairs are complete you will return and reinspect and verify repair work.
  7. Include this reinspection as part of your report.
  8. Then you can place MIC sign in yard.
  10. This program makes it possible for the seller to basicly state that they had an inspection done,
    Made repairs to items found defective in the report,
    Provide the buyer with a copy of the report,
    Provide the buyer with copies of receipts for repairs
  11. Remember you are not stating that it is move in certified, the owner is stating he has done this as part of his “Sellers Disclosure” of known defects in his home.
    I would require they give you a copy of the Sellers Disclosure they Filled out when they listed it with the realtor. This may help you with your inspection and make sure you do not miss something that they have already disclosed.
  12. if your a newbie keep in mind the buyer may still request his own inspection, so be thorough!

Since your in Texas check with some Texas Inspectors. TREC may cause problems with this form of marketing!

TREC has no issues with MIC, it is simply an inspection for a Seller. Like Ed says though…#12…once the new Buyer gets his own inspection which may or may not happen then there will be differences in the report. You may have some 'splaining to do to the Seller so do a very thorough job.

Great point Michael. We must be very thorough with “seller” inspections to avoid having to explain something that was missed.

David Selman
Selman Home Inspections

David, do the sellers also not make a repair and negociate with the buyer?

  1. After repairs are complete you will return and reinspect and verify repair work
    Ed, do you charge for a reinspect?

Plan on reinspecting when you give them your inspection price.
The reinspection should be no big deal because you only look at the repairs, not the whole place

What is the advantage of the Fetch Report?

With your report uploaded to Fetchreport the seller can let interested buyers and realtors view the report online.

Love this idea and program, however 99.99% of the homes selling here are reo’s banked owned and they wont spend a dime on them! buying as is!

Yep…but there is a marketing avenue for those REO properties that some of you just dont get.

Paul what is the marketing advantage.:mrgreen:

Please enlighten us.:slight_smile:

Does anyone know where I can obtain the MIC logo for my website?

The MIC site. Right click the image and save as to your desktop.

… about 20 or so down the list.