Move In Certified compliment

I am pretty impressed with the design and printing services provided here. I have been getting some traction with pre-listing inspections thank you the simple to me, easy for clients and the no-cost is pretty cool also.

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Great to here Charles. Keep up the great work!

Looks nice Charles, who did the printing for you?

The inspector outlet team here at NACHI. Everything was quick and smooth. When I opened up the box, it was perfect. The marketing team worked with me so easily. I am now moving all my printing here.

Very nice, Charles!

This might be a dumb question but what does “Move in Certified” mean? Does this imply the home owner already fixed everything in your report?

I didn’t know either when I first saw it. It is a program that NACHI put together to make it easy to distribute and market pre-listing inspections. This sign would go in front of the house. If someone sees it and is curious, they go to the website and type in the address. Then they will be able to download the report. The report has my clients name removed, but it does have all my information on it. No subscriptions, no having to get the agent to buy a subscription, and it is an easy way to get my sample report in front of many people. I do have to change my marketing because I bought into another system that was ongoing cost and didn’t work for me. I like simple. And if they throw the signs out, I don’t care.

Thanks for the response. I agree with you that it looks like a good way to get your name out there. I was just wondering what they Implied by move in certified. It is an interesting way to market.

Read up here Mike!

Thanks for posting the link!

This might help