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Help… I just started using Thunderbird and cannot figure out how to get rid of this message below from my in box window?


Mozilla Thunderbird

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So you try to delete it and it just comes back?

I love Mozilla’s browser but I really love Eudora email. No reason to change.

It’s the email gold standard.

Think I found it. Its under View-Layouts-Message Pane F8 - you can toggle it on off, but I don’t seem to get rid of it. You have to have no new mail or have read it, and then hit F8.

Maybe I will try Eudora.

This may sound like a dumb question but did you delete the email? When I toggle between the preview and no-preview the hightlighted email, in my case the last one in the inbox is shown. Or is it there even though no email is in the folder?

Its there even if you delete email, if there is no rec’d emails and you do not highlight email you can toggle it on an off.

Hmm, really wierd. I just emptied my inbox and I don’t see that. I am assuming you are running the newest version. Mine is So maybe there is some configuration setting that I am using that you aren’t.

Or try compacting the inbox and see if that helps. One thing I have read on the Tbird forums is that messages aren’t really deleted, just flagged so they don’t show up. To compact, right click on the folder and it is one of the options on the pop up menu.

I have tried all that and I am on 1.5.5. Now that your mail box is empty hit the F8 key. You should be able to alternate between the empty message pane and the Thunderbird message.

That’s what I did but never got the T-bird message.:-k Tried it in a test folder as well, still nothing.