Try a different browser

Most of you on this board are at least computer literate if not quite adept at computer skills. I see that there are a number, probably most that are still using Internet Exporer as their default browser. I suggest the following change for the following reason.

Change to the free Firefox browser. It can be found at

They also have an email program, Thunderbird that I also use.

Did you ever notice that on almost a weekly basis, Microsoft has a critical update or serious update to do with either their email program (Outlook or Outlook Express) or their browser (IE) being hacked or vulnerable? For whatever reason, there are people out there that hate Microsoft so much that they spend all their waking time trying to break their codes and cause them problems. I finally got fed up and switched. I am glad I did.

What is nice is that both the Firefox and Thunderbird programs are free at

Our own guru Chris, just gave me an extension (add-on) for firefox that took care of the slow message board for me. That extension is also available free at the same web address.

Good Luck

Which extension is it?

Here you go Aimee,


Thank you, lets see how it works.

Steve -

We finally agree on something.


Joe - call me

Didn’t work that I can tell, seems real slow to me. :frowning: