Multi Appliance vent

Other then not being “straight” as possible would the two 45* bends on the water heater vent cause any issues being so close together?

Thanks in advance.

080524-01 007.jpg

The lack of 1 ft. rise before the first el and the AL tape would be on my list.

There are a couple of holes where the flue from the large tank enters the T. If I’m seeing the picture correctly. I would call that out mainly because it is a T and the gases swirl when both heaters are burning at the same time. The bends are allowed here, but can’t speak for WA.
There seems to be some moisture discoloring the ceiling where the flue passes through. I’d want to know what was happening there.

It’s probably the absolute minimum requirement that they could get away with in a small enclosure like that. They could have solved a lot of potential problems by using a Y instead of a T.

The metal tape should have a rating on it. If it doesn’t I would state that I couldn’t verify that it was rated for high-temperature locations.

(To get the degree symbol, hold the ALT key down and type 248 on the numeric keypad at the side of the keyboard: 45°. If that doesn’t work, use 0248.)

This venting configuration is just plain wrong.

If this were my inspection…I’d be red flagging it.

Thanks Russel. I didn’t know that one.:smiley:

I found a list of other ALT character codes. HERE

Here is an exhaustive list of all sorts of character codes. £ £ £

Those are HTML codes. Do they work on the message board?

A couple will, but most won’t.

I have almost all the codes memorized from my Spanish word processing days using DOS. Ah, yes, brings back many word processing memories, none of them good! :lol:

To find out what code fits the character you want, open Word and then click on Insert, Symbol. Find the character you want and at the bottom middle of the window, you’ll see “CHARACTER CODE.” Make sure the box to the right says “ASCII (decimal).” The codes you then see will work almost universally, any software program. If it doesn’t, just add a zero in front of it.

That looks like the original DOS 1.0 set. They’ve been superceded, so some will work and some won’t.

Along with Spanish, I used to do a lot of chemistry, physics, and math word processing, especially dissertations and theses for graduate students at Texas A&M, Rice, Houston, LSU, UT-Austin, and Baylor. It was a lot of fun using those original DOS codes to create formulas. NOT!

I still have the first dissertation that I did. It still impresses me that I was able to do all that gobbledegook using Word 1.0 in DOS.

Isn’t funny how the obvious eludes us when were focused on somthing else.:roll:
WH vent Arrangement.jpg
Same fittings just a little different pipe arrangment.
Of course, the large heater will need a couple of 90° (worked RR thanks) to get around existing equipment, but you get the idea.

WH vent Arrangement.jpg

WH vent Arrangement.jpg