Hot Water Tank Vent

Just wanting some of you input on this vent condition. Unsure of the U-bend configuration.

Any signs of backdrafting/poor draft? any pics of the water heater? did you test to see if there is proper draft? a u-turn like that is definitely bad design/poor planning. Also, I’m assuming it is indeed sideways and does not enter the tee connector from the top.

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That moisture staining is a concern. Might be condensation in that bend.

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I would definitely refer that out to a qualified heating tech.

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Do you carry a level tool? If the lower pipe is flat, that’s an issue right there (water can’t drain back to the furnace to be reheated and ejected, and will cause rust).

Thanks for the input guys,
The staining and level of main pipe is evident and not my concern. Question was specific to U-bend condition.

Which is likely causing or contributing to the moisture/condensation issue. So in my opinion, I have concerns with both the u-bend and the subsequent evidence of moisture.

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If you apply the established fact that a 4” elbow is equivalent to 5’ of straight duct, there is 10’ of duct in that u-turn alone. Assuming there are 2 more elbows at the water heater, that’s 10’ more, plus the 5 or so feet in vertical straight connectors. That’s equivalent to about 25-30’ of horizontal connectors before the vertical portion.

Flue connectors should be as short as possible and single wall connectors cannot be any more than 75% of the height of the flue.