Multi-Inspector Firm Radon Testing

Looking for some advise on ways to better manage my radon department. We currently do approx 1800-2100 radon sets a year and that number is growing but the logistics of the equipment (Sun Nuclear) and jobs is a nightmare. I would love to meet with another large multi-inspector firm to pick the brains of those finding success.

Andrew Fox
General Manager
The BrickKicker
Certified Master Inspector

Please begin by elaborating on your InterNachi status as “Vendor”.

To answer your question Jeff. Seems he sells franchise rights.

Are you one of those simple minded vendors that think you need to be a “Large Multi inspector firm” to be successful ?? There have been several Snake Oil salesmen around here that would preach the same garbage.

Fortunately the majority of Professional inspectors around here are much smarter then the few that buy into that useless garbage. But thanks for the laughs anyway.

Good luck to your Koolaid campaign anyway.


So then… (and a CMI to boot)… why this thread?