Radon measurement

I passed the interNACHI course and am preparing to take the examination for NRRP’s Residential Radon Measurement Provider certification here in Ohio.
I would appreciate some information from those who’ve taken this exam as to the material which is on it.

It seems as if there’s a considerable amount of material on all the different types of testing. Do I really need to know about each one?

The formulae are dizzying. I understand the control charts, but how much of the others do I really need to study.

Since I’m operating as a sole proprietor, I will probably only get one device. The Sun Nuclear 1027 was recommended. Is it a good deal? If so, and I get it, I assume I will learn all the operational protocols from the manufacturer. Therefore, should I waste a lot of time trying to learn the protocols for the other devices just to pass the exam?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I take the exam on this Monday.


The Internachi course will help you, but I would hold off taking the test.
The test is detailed.

I would further suggest taking a classroom setting.
Check into this:
#1 Radon Tester, LLC 122 W. 5th Ave. Derry, PA 15627 Phone 724-774-4535 Fax 724-739-5248 numberoneradontester@comcast.net - #1 Radon Tester, LLC](http://www.numberoneradontesterllc.com/)

When I took the test two years ago, the INACHI class gave me good direction. But this classroom setting pulled it all together for me.

Just an opinion.


Thanks for the advice. I am trying to schedule the class you recommended as soon as possible. For your info, I did take the test today. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be, nevertheless, I did not pass. Close, but no cigar.

InterNACHI’s course was pretty all-encompassing. But I feel as if a lot of the information about the different devices was of mixed value and could have been presented in a more digestible format. It needed more explanations and perhaps photos / diagrams of the individual devices would have been helpful.

Back to the drawing board. I am determined to get this done and appreciate your response. By the way, what kind of device(s) are you using and why?