multiple apt units

Can someon eplease give me some info on multiple units, client calls, has 80 units 5 bldgs. which equates to 47,000 sq. ft wants to only retain my services for an 8 hr. day, to look at the roofs and structures,not all 80 apts, my first job like this, am i compromising, if not what would you charge for something like this, I don’t want to pass it up but i don’t want to sell my soul, PLEASE HELP, any info greatly appreciated…MARK…

If a client hired me to inspect a number of buildings and the entire building was not to be inspected as a whole, I would simply disclaim any areas (in those buildings) that were not inspected.

As for the cost, I’m all theirs for the same fee I would normally make in a busy single day. Roughly $1,000.00.

I agree.