multiple apt units

Can someon eplease give me some info on multiple units, client calls, has 80 units 5 bldgs. which equates to 47,000 sq. ft wants to only retain my services for an 8 hr. day, to look at the roofs and structures,not all 80 apts, my first job like this, am i compromising, if not what would you charge for something like this, I don’t want to pass it up but i don’t want to sell my soul, PLEASE HELP, any info greatly appreciated…MARK…

Since the Client is asking for your Services for only 8 hours, charge for whatever your 8 hours would normally be worth otherwise.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I certainly would not use your standard reporting method. I would put in writing exactly what systems are to be inspected, how this was to be accomplished, and have this document signed.

A mammoth job by any means.
You will no doubt only be able to partially assess the exterior of the buildings, electrical, plumbing, roofs etc. Take lots of pictures. Document your limitations and have it signed before you start.
When we do this type of inspection we usually call it a deficit reporting inspection. Much is missed because of limited time for a full report.
These are usually not the easiest of inspections.
Try to sell the TEAM approach.